Good luck, Ken!

This letter was published in this week’s issue of the Gazette.

Dear Croton Community,
Ken Walsh has been a Croton friend for many years now, but I’ve known him since he was our neighborhood paper boy in our hometown of Irvington. He moved in five doors down when he was in fifth grade and seems to be working hard ever since. He was a cashier at the local Howard Johnsons, a caddy at Ardsley Country Club, a CYO Teen Club officer and CYO basketball coach in high school too. Perhaps his work ethic comes from working with his parents, who owned a stationary store on Main Street for as long as I can remember. Possibly it comes from his philosophy of ‘paying it forward’ for the care and support he received as a child. There is no doubt that what he learned from his family and childhood have translated to his drive to volunteer and positively impact the lives of those he knows in Croton in his adult life.  

Ken is a thoughtful leader and a get-things-done type of guy. For example, he often calls my husband to talk about what was successful at the softball game they coached that day as well as to brainstorm ways to improve the team’s skills. He picks up the phone and calls people to get things done. But what I am most impressed with is his willingness to create dialogue and reflect in order to be successful. We often remark about how hard Ken works for Croton’s kids.

From an early age he has learned seek clarity through hard work, and he helps bring that clarity to those with whom he works and volunteers. It is no surprise to me that he wants to represent the people of Croton as a Trustee. From childhood, he has been hardworking and successful in many areas of his life and he would be an asset to us here in Croton.    

Good luck, Ken!
Vicki Barillaro