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Village Government

  • Email a comment or question to the Village here. If you want your message to be addressed at a Village Board Meeting, choose Village Manager's Office and indicate that you would like your message answered at a public meeting.
  • Sign up here for emergency notifications by email, text message and calls regarding street closures, power outages, water shut-offs, and other matters impacting village quality of life.
  • Sign up here for five email distribution lists on different topics:
    • Village News
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Middle School Recreation Events
    • Field Conditions Notifications
    • Meeting Agendas
  • Sign up here for Croton-Harmon School District information and notifications.
  • See the map of parks, open space and trails in Croton here.
  • Find information for seniors here.
  • Make a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request for public records here.