The Explosion of Debt Under the Wiegman Dems

Bond Debt Has Doubled Under Wiegman Dems

This letter was published in this week’s issue of The Gazette.

To the Editor,
I was surprised that in his letter last week, Croton Dems Chair Paul Rolnick did not offer an apology to Croton taxpayers for writing one of three separate letters to this paper falsely claiming that Croton’s bond rating had improved under the Wiegman administration (the other two were from candidate Andy Levitt and Trustee Brian Pugh). My statement that the Wiegman Dems misled the voters regarding the village’s bond rating is not an accusation; it’s a fact.
Rolnick is right that there are “challenges ahead,” but the most urgent and important challenge will be dealing with the financial consequences of his party’s explosion in borrowing. Croton United’s plan to end the profligate borrowing of the Wiegman Dems and to bring sustainable fiscal management back to the village is a true positive vision for the future of Croton.
It’s a fact that a few weeks ago the Wiegman Dems voted unanimously to increase Croton’s bonded debt by more than 33% (from $30 million to $41 million). This is in addition to the 50% increase in bond debt (from approximately $20 million in 2010 to over $30 million in 2014) that the Wiegman Dems had already run up. What’s more, they’ve budgeted for another $20 million in new borrowing over the next three years.
It’s a fact that information from the State Comptroller’s website for 2014 already showed that Croton was the second most indebted small village in Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland counties. The $11 million in new borrowing approved this year will likely make us Number 1, but I don’t think that’s a success the Wiegman Dems will be bragging about during this election season.
There are serious issues facing our village in this election, and Croton United is committed to discussion of the facts concerning them. We urge all residents to visit our website and Facebook page for more information, and on November 3rd, to support positive change for the village by electing the Croton United slate: Greg Schmidt for Mayor and Ken Walsh and Bob Anderson for Trustee.
Bob Anderson