Untrue and Unfair

This letter was published in this week's issue of the Gazette.

To the Editor,

Croton Dems chair Paul Rolnick opened this election season by promising voters that his party’s communications with the public would “consist of clear, fact-based information” because voters “deserve nothing less.”  He has already broken this promise. 

Here are the facts: Last year, Mr. Rolnick’s party was twice cited by the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee for making unsubstantiated and misleading factual claims about Croton United during the election of 2014.  This year, his party followed up on this dubious distinction by making demonstrably false and misleading factual claims concerning the Wiegman Dems’ financial record on three separate occasions. 

Now, having been confronted with the fact that he and his candidate Andy Levitt (along with Trustee Brian Pugh) have mislead the voters of Croton by repeatedly claiming that the village’s bond rating improved under the Wiegman administration (it did not), Mr. Rolnick has apparently changed his mind, preferring in his recent letters to rely on accusation and hyperbole to obscure his party’s financial record rather than deal with facts he does not like. 

Croton United believes it is possible to improve life in our village through prudent, fiscally responsible policies and sound management of village affairs.  We see other local governments, such as the Town of Cortlandt and the Croton Harmon School Board, achieving this goal without the same level of profligate borrowing exhibited by the Wiegman Dems.  

I urge all voters to learn the facts about what Croton United stands for, and about our vision for a fiscally sustainable, transparent and accessible village government for all residents of Croton.  Please visit our website at www.crotonunited.org, or go to our Facebook page for further information on our positions on the issues and to learn about upcoming events. 

Roseann Schuyler Chair
Croton United