How to Vote for Croton United

Croton United’s candidates are listed on Line I (the final line of the ballot—see image below) in columns 10 and 11 (the last columns of the ballot). To cast your vote for our slate, please be sure to mark both candidates’ names—Mark Aarons and Dan McNatty.

Also, if you or a someone you know need a ride to the polls on Election Day please contact us at and we will make the necessary arrangements.

FUN FACT! You may wonder why our candidates are listed on the Libertarian Party line. Since Croton United is not a political party the Westchester County Board of Elections is not required to give us our own line. When the ballot is crowded, as it is this year due to the presidential race, the BOE has to find an empty space to list our slate. Mark Aarons and Dan McNatty may be at the bottom of the ballot, but they are far, far above the competition when it comes to experience, competence, and integrity.