Help Make Croton United: Vote for Aarons & McNatty

As the chair of Croton United, I ask all village residents to vote for Mark Aarons and Dan McNatty for Village Trustee in the November 8 election. Adding Mark and Dan to the board will further our ongoing efforts to return honest, responsive, inclusive, and financially sustainable government to Croton.

After six years of single party rule under the Wiegman/Gallelli/Pugh administration, the borrow and spend culture of the village was badly in need of a change. Over that period the Dems nearly doubled our debt load and made us one of New York State’s most indebted small villages. In fact, the village's independent auditor recently told the village board that our debt load is now double that of other comparable communities.

But change began last year with Croton United’s dramatic upset of the Croton Dems, in only the second election contested by Croton United candidates. And we heard you loud and clear!

You can help us continue this vital work by electing Mark and Dan, who will partner with Greg Schmidt, Bob Anderson, and Ken Walsh to keep Croton on the right path, and avoid returning to the days of profligate borrowing, focusing on pet projects, and ignoring you and your concerns.

Our goal is to put the priorities of residents first, providing and maintaining the highest quality village services, improving our infrastructure and safety, while keeping an eye on the bottom line—your taxes.

Vote for Mark and Dan on Row I—bottom-line candidates on the bottom row of the ballot.

Roseann Schuyler
Chair, Croton United