Bungalow Road Safety

The following letter appears in this week’s issue of the Gazette.

To the editor:
I am glad that our village board worked with the residents on BungalowRoad to try and improve the long standing safety issue of people speeding around the blind curve on Bungalow Road. While on the campaign trail last fall, I listened to the concerns of the residents. Our village board collaborated with the residents, the Croton Police Department and the Croton Department of Public Works to develop a solution that will hopefully solve the safety issue. The solution of putting up warning signs to slow down as people are approaching Bungalow Road from both directions is now implemented. We will monitor the impact of the solution and see if the solution solves the safety issue. From the time that our board came together in December, then started having conversations with the residents in early January, to the implementation of the solution, took four months. I look forward to listening and working with more residents to solve their problems.

Ken Walsh, Trustee
Village of Croton-on-Hudson