A False Accusation

The following letter was published in this week’s Gazette.
To the editor:

Last week John McBride, former chair of both the Croton Democratic Party and the Cortlandt Democratic Party, wrote a letter to the Gazette accusing the Croton United Trustees of violating a New York State Village Law when we voted recently to approve a payment to a village resident for damage done to that resident's property by a village contractor. The Village Attorney was involved in the discussion before a decision was made on this issue. After I read Mr. McBride's letter, I spoke to the Village Attorney, who confirmed that the board did not violate either the law that was cited or any other law.

I wish that people would come to me directly to ask clarifying questions or discuss their position if they do not understand why I am doing something, rather than make accusations in either the Gazette or online. If Mr. McBride had come forward, either when the matter was discussed at a work session, or when it was being voted on at our regular meeting, his questions could have been addressed by the Village Attorney directly.

Working together starts with open and honest communication.

Ken Walsh
Trustee, Village of Croton-on-Hudson