The following letter appeared in this week’s Gazette.

To the Editor:
Maria Slippen isn’t the only one who’s flabbergasted. I’m sure many Croton residents were as shocked as I was by her letter in last week’s Gazette, falsely accusing Deputy Mayor Bob Anderson and Croton United of politicizing the replacement of the Rescue 18 truck. It’s perfectly obvious to anyone who reads this paper that it was her fellow Croton Dem, Eileen Henry, who has attempted to make this a political issue with her letter in the February 18-24 issue and her second letter on the same subject last week. Ms. Slippen even has the chutzpah to fan the flames herself by implying that the Croton United board majority is not concerned with fire safety. Deputy Mayor Bob Anderson said it best in his recent letter, “To imply that public safety is at risk is simply not true. To do so for partisan political purposes is simply wrong.”

Shame on you Ms. Slippen!

Doris Daubney