Dan McNatty: “Financial Leadership and Vision”

I endorse Croton United’s Dan McNatty for Village Trustee. Not only does Dan have a long history of community service, including being a member of the newly formed Financial Sustainability Committee, but he also has twenty years’ experience as a professional accountant. He presently works for a large financial institution and helps manage a multi-billion dollar portfolio. He and his wife Hayley have been raising their two sons in Croton for ten years. He has previously volunteered for CHEF and AYSO and now wants to give even more to the village by being its Trustee.  Croton needs the sound financial leadership and vision that Dan can bring to the Village Board.

His opponent Ann Gallelli’s record of fiscal leadership has been horrible. Here are the facts. She and the former board under Mayor Wiegman helped to nearly double the village debt, and in the process spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on wasteful litigation that could have been avoided. Her so-called “planning expertise” has led to the village paying out over $1M in litigation settlements and legal fees related to the Exxon and Katz properties. She advocated for a change in the zoning law that put Croton on the map as one of seven municipalities in Westchester that are currently under the threat of even more litigation by the federal government for having restrictive zoning practices. Weeks before the prior election she voted for a long-term contract that made our village manager one of the highest paid public employees in Westchester County. 

Do we want this to continue? Dan McNatty has the professional experience to make prudent fiscal decisions that will allow our village to grow and thrive while keeping it affordable for us all, that’s why he has my vote on November 8.

Peter Schuyler