The “grossly erroneous” Gouveia Park costs

All Croton residents should watch Joel Gingold expose the “grossly erroneous” cost estimates used to justify what he calls the “albatross” known as Gouveia Park—pushed by Croton Dems Trustee Ann Gallelli and fully supported by Trustee Brian Pugh (who said in January 2015 that the cost/benefit analysis was “appropriately conservative”). How “grossly erroneous” were the estimates? Here’s an excerpt from a letter from Joel that we will publish soon:

“They estimated the cost of the driveway and parking area as $12,000. But last night, the board voted to spend over $218,000 for this same work. A cost overrun of 1,800%, that will chew up over 20% of the endowment and we haven’t even looked at the costs of bringing the house up to code.”

See the short video of Joel here: