A Letter From Virginia Calcutti

In his letter last week, Trustee Brian Pugh said that he is currently “one of the two remaining Democrats on the Village Board.” This is false.

There are actually four registered Democrats on our current Village Board, including Trustee Ken Walsh and Mayor Greg Schmidt from Croton United.

It seems as if Trustee Pugh doesn’t consider you a real Democrat if you don’t march to the same beat of the drums as his organization, the Croton Dems. I’ve been a registered Democrat for over 50 years, which I believe is longer than Trustee Pugh has been alive. However, by Trustee Pugh’s standard, I guess I’m not Democrat enough for Trustee Pugh either.

So, between all the Democrats that aren’t real Democrats and all the Republicans that Trustee Pugh obviously wants to ignore, it becomes very clear that Trustee Pugh and the Croton Dems represent only a small number of residents in our village.

This is exactly the type of thinking that needs to change in Croton. Only Croton United has stated their intention to represent everyone in the village and, only Croton United proves it by opening its organization to all residents, regardless of national affiliation.

That’s why I’m supporting and I hope you will support Croton United’s candidates, Mark Aarons and Dan McNatty, for Village Trustee in the November 8 election.

Virginia Calcutti