Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Like the Washington Post, which during the early days of Watergate published Attorney General John Mitchell’s vulgar comments about publisher Katherine Graham on the front page, verbatim, we want to alert the residents of Croton to some similarly vulgar statements made by former Croton Dem trustee Andy Levitt.

After the board meeting last Tuesday night Levitt verbally assaulted Croton United Treasurer Joel Gingold in the hallway of the Municipal Building. Despite the fact that Joel had spoken in favor of the Community Choice Aggregation program—which Levitt was presumably at the meeting to support—Levitt called him, among other choice epithets, an “a**hole” and a “motherf***er” before ordering Mr. Gingold to leave the building.

We don’t know whether he was upset at the outcome of the CCA vote or the recent election (or both) but we hope that from this point forward, the Croton Dems will honor their campaign promise not to “snipe at each other when there is important work to be done in this Village.” We urge them to join with us to make Croton a “safe space” for civil discourse.