Setting the Record Straight

This letter was published in this week’s issue of The Gazette.

To the Editor,
Two letters that appeared in last week’s Gazette, from Eileen Henry and Brendan Monahan, addressed different issues but shared one characteristic: both letters proceeded from unfounded assumptions to make false conclusions concerning Croton United. Allow me to set the record straight.

Ms. Henry’s letter purported to be a recap of Croton United’s “Meet the Candidates” event and was based on the content of an anonymous comment left on a third-party community blog. Ms. Henry, who did not attend our event, apparently assumed that the unattributed comments that appeared on that website reflected the views of Croton United—an assumption that has no basis in truth.  

Had she attended our event, she would have heard our candidates speaking of their concern for our community and their ideas for the future, not re-hashing the past. In particular, no one from Croton United even referred to Trustee Slippen that evening, let alone questioned the legitimacy of her election.  

You cannot believe everything you read on the internet.

Similarly, Mr. Monahan’s letter appears to be based on a less than complete understanding of Croton United’s positions. For example, while he is correct that we opposed the acquisition of Gouveia Park, our opposition was based on our belief that the current board had not provided the public with an accurate assessment of the costs that would be incurred, and not for the reason that Mr. Monahan wrongly assumed was the case.  

Now that documents recently released by the village have made it clear that the Board’s earlier cost analysis underestimated many of the costs involved by a factor of three or more, we at Croton United feel vindicated in our position, though regretful of the pyrrhic nature of the outcome.  

We want Ms. Henry and Mr. Monahan, and all other members of our village community to know that Croton United welcomes all residents to attend our events and speak with our candidates. Indeed, at earlier Croton United events, we were pleased to host former Democratic village trustee Georgianna Grant and former Croton Dems chair John McBride.  

Reliance on rumor and innuendo has its risks. Get the facts directly from Croton United at 

Roseann Schuyler
Chair, Croton United