Every Vote Counts . . . Once it’s Counted

We’ve been waiting for the Westchester County Board of Elections to count the absentee ballots and certify the final results of the election that was held more than three weeks ago. We’re pleased to announce that the tally of village absentee ballots, which were only counted Tuesday, have overwhelmingly supported Croton United's candidates. 

The results are below, but we first want to note that this lengthy delay in finalizing the village election—along with the election night debacle that resulted in wholly incorrect vote counts being reported both on television and online—leads us to believe that the village may have made an error when village elections were moved from March to November approximately four years ago. When we controlled our elections the final results, including the tally of absentee ballots, were counted and announced on the evening of Election Day. We wonder whether this issue requires further consideration.    


38   Schmidt
18   Wiegman

38   Anderson
38   Walsh
18   Slippen
17   Levitt