Our Fall 2017 Slate

Mayor Greg Schmidt (left), Trustee candidate Roseann Schuyler (center), and Trustee Bob Anderson (right).

Mayor Greg Schmidt (left), Trustee candidate Roseann Schuyler (center), and Trustee Bob Anderson (right).

Croton United is pleased to announce its Village Board candidates for 2017. Mayor Greg Schmidt and Trustee Bob Anderson are seeking re-election. Joining them is Roseann Schuyler, a local attorney and a co-founder of Croton United.

“Roseann will be a great addition to the Board” said Mayor Schmidt. “As a 13-year resident, homeowner, business owner, and mother, she brings a local perspective and sensitivity to the concerns of our community.”

“We have followed a path which is locally focused and community-driven,” said Bob Anderson. “Together we have begun to put our Village on a sound financial footing and ensure that resident concerns are addressed with practical solutions in an environment of civility and consensus.”

Roseann Schuyler says “I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with village residents as this campaign gets underway. Right now, we need your support to get on November’s ballot. If you would like to sign one of our nominating petitions, please contact us through our Facebook page or send an email to info@crotonunited.org, and we will have a volunteer contact you.”

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Let's Take Partisanship Out of Croton Politics

Croton United is a nonpartisan coalition of Croton residents of all political persuasions who have an interest in addressing issues of importance to our village and its future. We believe in the importance of building community through active citizen participation, and welcome diverse points of view.

Our organization’s core values include providing stewardship to the village that ensures its continued financial sustainability, bringing civility and courtesy to the public debate, and ensuring openness and transparency in village government.

We also welcome residents to volunteer for all levels of involvement in the upcoming campaign. If you're interested in serving your community by supporting our candidates during the fall campaign, please contact us at info@crotonunited.org.

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