Fiscal Sustainability

The following letter was published in this week’s issue of the Gazette.
To the Editor:

One of the principal reasons the bipartisan community organization Croton United was formed was to stop the unbridled spending of the Weigman administration. We ran on a platform including fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Croton United has been in office for six months and has worked closely with the village staff to improve processes and efficiencies with the ultimate goal of retiring debt and making the village more fiscally sound.

We also reached out to the community to find finance professionals who would be willing to share their knowledge, expertise and time to help achieve that goal. The response was wonderful. Numerous resumes were submitted and vetted by the village manager and the board. The selection process was open, transparent and bipartisan.

The Fiscal Sustainability Committee held their initial meeting last week with Mayor Schmidt and myself, and are now digging into the job ahead.

I must mention in closing that contrary what the Croton Dems are saying, Croton United is a community organization and not a political party. Everyone is welcome to participate. We receive no funding from local, county, state or national parties. Our only issues are Village issues. Our only goal is to do the best job possible for all Village residents.

Bob Anderson
Trustee, Croton-on-Hudson